December 8, 2014

How to Make Photographing Your Pet Dog Easy

Most dogs are very hard to photograph. Just when you think you have the perfect shot, a distraction will send your dog into a bout of pure uncooperativeness. If you’re set on taking great pictures of your dog, some small preparation can go a long way and finally give you photos that you can cherish.

Start by getting your dog acquainted with the equipment that you will be using. Have your camera present during walks and take random pictures doing playtime; this will make them more comfortable around the camera. Dogs will lose their fear of the camera or take less interest in it once they’ve grown accustomed to having their pictures taken.

For those who are planning to make their pets wear cute costumes or dog apparel, the same principle applies. Make your pet get comfortable wearing clothes bought from dog apparel stores. It lessens the chances of your dog throwing a tantrum and constantly taking the clothes off during the photo shoot.

When it comes to taking the photo, make sure that you have a pet’s eye view. You can make photos more intimate and personal by getting down on your pet’s level and being able to take a perspective of things from their angle. Lastly, have fun and let your pets show their unique personality through your photos. 

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